Will Smith Continues To Lay Low After Oscars Incident As Bel-Air Cast Have Major Event Without Him

At the time Peacock's Bel-Air was coming together, Will Smith was the star

not just the TV character. In addition to acting as executive producer for Bel-Air, the original Fresh Prince actor provided advice to the young cast and attended the premiere  

with his wife Jada Pinkett Smith and son Jaden. But the Bel-Air cast recently did another big event and Will Smith was not present this time. 

Peacock subscribers can look forward to the second season of Bel-Air in 2023.  

However, the cast gathered at NBC's FYC event before filming began to stir up Emmy buzz, as well as to talk about the show and show off some rad outfits. Here's a look. 

Jabari Banks, who plays a famous Philly basketball player who gets into some trouble and has to go live with his uncle in Bel-Air 

is the only "Will Smith" on that stage. Before the show's Peacock episode, Banks and Smith had taken photos together

If Bel-Air were nominated for an Emmy, you'd think that its executive producer might be interested in being a part of it 

If it had been a regular day in Will Smith's life and he hadn't attended, one might assume he would be on a movie set or doing something else as part of his busy Hollywood career, but this seems to not be the case.

Will Smith hasn't spent much time out and about since the Oscars incident during which he was slapped. 

He was last seen in India over a month ago, and with projects either being halted or delayed, it's been a slow period for the actor and producer 

who had a few projects lined up before the slap incident with Chris Rock at the Oscars.