Will Smith Says Chris Rock Is ‘Not Ready to Speak With Him And Posts Emotional Apology Video For Oscar Slap.

Will smith brought up Chris Rock's scandal at this year's Oscars and opened up about his public image. 

Smith said why he didn't oppose rock when he won best actor for "King Richard" and then charged the stage and slapped him. 

Smith says "fuzzy" I reached out to chris and received a reply that he was not ready to talk and was sorry for his behaviour, to which he responded aggressively.

In this video, smith says, "No part of me thought that action." Who sighs heavily and seems to be fighting back tears

Smith observed pinkett smith's camera rolling at ROCK's joke Demi Moore sports in 'G.I. Jane', having urged him to attack the stage from my personal experiences with Chris.

Smith would tell up about the Rock slap in a sit-down with Oprah Winfrey, but instead he's used social media to apologise to his own Oscara and kept a quiet profile.

24 rock broke his quiet in new jersey on july 24. He told US weekly, "I don't go to the hospital for a papercut."

For the finest documentary smith assaulted rock scenes about Questlove, THOMPSON SHOCKED at the podium