Wimbledon 2022 Nick Kyrgios admits he was a victim of the 4th set loss vs. Brandon Nakashima, but "it worked"

In the end, for better or worse there's been no player who has played more brightly at this year's Wimbledon as Nick Kyrgios 

His tactics were evident during the fourth round of the tournament on Monday.

In the first round, facing the unseeded American Brandon Nakashima, Kyrgios struggled more than he has previously done during the tournament,  

which he already scored probably the most significant victory of his career against the No. 4 seed Stefanos Tsitsipas. 

Kyrgios was eliminated in the first set but won the next two sets, and then was beaten by a break in the 4th. 

With a 5-3 deficit and a an opportunity to extend the match, Kyrgios did something rather bizarre.  

The normally fearsome server reduced his speed to half the speed he normally uses He missed shots in a hurry and decided to throw his serve underhand, 

per Sporting News. Nakashima was able to take a 40-0 leadand took the match on the three-set point.