Wimbledon fan who Nick Kyrgios asserted 'had 700 beverages' says she meant well's

The female fan Nick Kyrgios had eliminated from the Wimbledon last, asserting she was shakily irritating him, 

, said she was "supporting" the Aussie tennis player in his possible misfortune to Novak Djokovic.

"I comprehend what it resembles to be a longshot so I needed to give him support," said Ania Palus, a clinical legal counselor from Poland, 

as per The Telegraph. "Perhaps I took it excessively far so for that I am unfortunately I just meant well."

Kyrgios grumbled to the umpire during the coordinate with an irate solicitation for Palus to be taken out from her fantastic view since she was "diverting" him.

"She is diverting me while I'm serving in a Wimbledon last. There's not a greater event. You didn't trust me. Furthermore,

 she repeated the experience. It almost cost me the game," Kyrgios told the umpire. .