Windows 11 Upgrades: 10 Reasons Not to Upgrade

You should not upgrade to Windows 11 if you don't want to buy a new computer or give up an interface you love. 

You can get the same functionality with Windows 10, if not better.

There's never been a Microsoft Windows update without vociferous negative reactions

and while Windows 11 hasn't been as vilified as some past versions of the operating system  

Longtime users still have ire about interface changes, even if they amount to "someone moved my cheese". Windows 11 is very similar to its predecessor.  

All the same software runs on it, and the same peripheral hardware is supported. Then again, there are quite a few good reasons for not upgrading to Windows 11.

Most desktop operating systems, whether they are from Apple or Microsoft, are designed to entice you to buy a new computer. 

As you upgrade your existing hardware, these tech giants receive no revenue.

Windows 10 is still my primary choice, but I have used Windows 11 extensively, and I can tell you that switching between the two isn't difficult between the two platform