Winner of 'Survivor' Season 42 Has Fans Sounding Off

Survivor's 42nd season has officially ended. After an exciting season full of gameplay, twists, and turns, CBS has crowned its next winner. There was no surprise about the outcome. 

Five players remained in the game heading into the finale. The jury had to choose between Romeo Escobar, Maryanne Oketch, and Mike Turner by the end of the night. 

Maryanne won the election 7-1-0 (Mike received one vote from an ally, Jonathan Young) 

Viewers noted how significant Maryanne's win was, as she is the first Black woman to win the show in 20 years.

Vecepia Towery became the first Black woman to win Survivor in 2002 when she competed in Survivor: Marquesas (Season 4). 

Due to this fact, many viewers were delighted to see Maryanne win the Survivor crown recently. Read on to find out what Survivor fans thought of the finale.  

Maryanne became just the second Black woman to win the show's history, an achievement many fans noted. Since Vecepia achieved that feat, it has been 20 years.

Maryanne's victory even delighted the other castaways. It was a moving moment for everyone.

In every aspect of her life, Maryanne is a winner. Aside from winning Survivor, she is also accomplishing so much in her everyday life.

At the final Tribal Council, Maryanne seemed to have secured her win when she pulled out her Hidden Immunity Idol (which she did not need to use). Her move was impressive.

Maryanne's win was welcomed by many, but some thought she wasn't deserving of it. Others thought otherwise.

Maryanne delivered an excellent speech at the final Tribal Council.  

Her speech will go down in Survivor history. Following Maryanne's win, Erika Casupanan, a fellow Canadian and a woman of color, won in Season 41. People are obsessed.