Working Girl,' a remake of 1988 classic starring Selena Gomez, is in the works 

A-lister Selena Gomez.Variety reported that the 30-year-old Disney Channel grad will create a new season of "Working Girl 

1988 workplace romance comedy starred Sigourney Weaver, Joan Cusack, Melanie Griffith, and Harrison Ford. 

.Ilana Pea wrote "Diary of a Future President"Unnamed director.They want Hulu.Gomez is now a producer, even though the film's cast hasn't been confirmed 

After breaking her leg in a vehicle accident, Griffith runs her boss's corporation. When her employer (Weaver) steals the secretary's idea, she's in trouble

The 1990s NBC series starring Sandra Bullock was cancelled owing to low ratings. Mike Nichols' picture earned six Oscar nominations and $100 million at the box office

Weaver, 72, and Griffith, 64, won Golden Globes for Let the River Run. Oscar-winning "Let the River Run" by Carly Simon

The stars discussed the film's 30th anniversary with the Hollywood Reporter.The studio wanted a "bigger name" for Griffith's Tess McGill role