Yellowstone: 6666: Release Date and Everything Else to Know 

It wasn't enough to have four shows in Yellowstone, so there are now four sixes as well. 

The mother show and its prequel 1883 have already been released, but we're now looking forward to an 1883 spinoff called 1883 

Bass Reeves as well as another Yellowstone prequel, 1932. As well as that, there is 6666 

a show that takes the western story to Texas' famous Ranch called the Four Sixes entirely. 

It's a legendary ranch that Yellowstone fans already know about since Jimmy ( Jefferson White ) was sent here after he failed to get his act together on the Dutton ranch. 

After hearing about its real-life history, you might be surprised that Taylor Sheridan took so long to find it after learning about its history.

After the most recent owner of the ranch passed away in 2020, Sheridan purchased it in May 2021.  

The ranch spans three counties in Texas and was established by Samuel Burnett in 1900. 

Upon his death in 1922, his granddaughter Anne passed on the ranch to her daughter Anne Windfohr Marion, who then passed it on to her granddaughter Windi, who is also called Anne. 

There is a full Wikipedia entry for Anne Windfohr Marion, making her perfect for Taylor Sheridan's TV show

It was cool to meet her. She was a rancher and businesswoman who served as the chairman of Burnett Oil Company. 

In addition to founding the Georgia O'Keeffe museum in Santa Fe, New Mexico, she was inducted into the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum's Hall of Great Westerners 

as well as the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame. Besides being a beauty queen, she was worth $1.1 billion by 2009.