"You're easy with Kobe Bryant, the best player in the world": Shaquille O'Neal sang after going 2-0 against Spurs.

After winning 2-0 against San Antonio, Shaquille O'Neal firmly declared Kobe Bryant to be the best athlete in the world.

During the 1996 offseason, Jerry West undoubtedly had the most amazing offseason of all time

The team signed Shaquille O'Neal and snatched Kobe Bryant  away from Charlotte. In merely their 4th season together

. , opening up the millennium with a championship, the Los Angeles Lakers made it to the NBA Finals.

A regress in the regular season followed by a 15-1 postseason record for the defending champion

losing Game 1 of the NBA Finals to Allen Iverson and his Philadelphia 76ers. The Lakers would, however, compete against past NBA champions along the way : the San Antonio Spurs. 

After David Robinson won his first championship in '99, Tim Duncan and his team continued to dominate the postseason. 

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